AMEX Travel

Travel is a journey of learning and self-discovery. It opens our hearts and minds to new perspectives, deepens our sense of identity, and strengthens our connection to the world around us. This presents a unique opportunity for American Express to enhance every step of our card members’ travel journeys. Yet these assets all live 
in different places, making it difficult for our card members to unlock the world of possibilities available to them.

A travel companion that brings together all the value that American Express has to offer into an experience that is as joyful and enriching as travel itself.
The Work
Our team conceptualized and designed an app prototype that vividly illustrated how Amex could package all they have to offer travelers—and more—into a seamless digital experience. Guided by learnings from user interviews and co-creation sessions with enterprise-wide stakeholders, we developed a series of features and functions that demonstrate how Amex could extend its reach far beyond simple flight and hotel bookings. At the heart of the prototype was a completely re-imagined trip planning experience that combines a personalization engine, inspirational content, bookable inventory, benefits, and peer-to-peer engagement. The work culminated in three narrative demo videos that told the story of the app through the experience of three key user personas, each with specific needs and travel behaviors.
New York, NY