Nike NCA

The Moment
The Nike Community Ambassador program (NCA)—in which any  Nike Store employee can be paid hourly to coach and get kids active  in their local community—launched in FY16 and saw growth around  the globe, even reaching 100% store participation in North America. When the pandemic forced the program into a two-year hiatus, awareness and understanding of its impact on the community and  the business dropped.
The Work
As NCA returned, Nike’s Social and Community Impact team engaged us to create an engagement strategy that would reignite the program to be stronger than ever—inspiring a new wave of Community Ambassadors to get back on the field and building belief in NCA’s business value among a new generation of field and store leadership. Through a series of 35+ discovery sessions, market & store immersions, and a materials audit, we uncovered the opportunity to shift NCA engagement from largely word-of-mouth to a steady drumbeat integrated into the employee experience. We also scaled the energy and “magic” that NCA's strongest advocates experienced by infusing recommended initiatives with personal storytelling.
New York, NY