A Tool for the Discovery, Celebration, and Curation of Public Art and Design.
The Seek glasses are a smart glass technology with a familiar physical form and rich user experience. Our optics lead the way in augmented reality for digital integration for operations. These glasses are able to change their optical properties during runtime. Which means you have the best of both worlds. The first being the dark mode which helps you with heavier tasks like calling where you could use your eye to swipe left and right to cut and all respectively. You could also do the same with voice inputes. Its also in this model that you can use its menu navigation properties and texting The second mode is the sight mode. This is where you use the full potential of the glasses and our technology our glasses interacts with the environment in real time to give youenhanced experiences like Navigation, street view and
so onn.
The glasses and the phone are in constant interaction with each other. Once you buy your product and set it up Seek takes over While you can explore the city and its art on the glasses, the phone app is in constant interaction with it Constantly loading and updating a personalised experience with more relatable content and sharing capabilities or even creating your own collection for future references and so onn.

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